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Gifts for the Stylish Girlfriend


Choosing a gift for your fashion-forward girlfriend can be difficult, as she is likely to have already seen and own the latest trends. But worry not – there are plenty of unique, stylish and thoughtful gifts still out there to suit her individual style. Here are several top gift ideas for the fashionable lady in your life.

5 Unique Gift Ideas for the Stylish Girlfriend


Being on the pulse of trends does not mean that your fashion-forward girlfriend will have everything already. Here are some one-of-a-kind gifts sure to appease her style:

  • Vintage jewelry. A timeless piece of vintage jewelry, such as a brooch, ring or earrings, can be a perfect fashion accessory to work with a variety of outfits. A vintage piece is often hard to find, so you’ll really be giving her a gift that no one else has.
  • Customized items. If your girlfriend has an eye for fashion, she likely likes to stand out from the crowd. Show your thoughtfulness by customizing items, such as a painting, phone cover or clothing item with a personal quote or image.
  • Statement-making sunglasses. A fun item that makes a style statement, unique sunglasses can upgrade any look quickly and easily. Whether she prefers cat-eyed or aviator frames, there are plenty of options out there to add that special something to her wardrobe.
  • A made-to-measure outfit. While ready-to-wear options are great for any fashionista, dedicated followers of style will appreciate a made-to-measure piece of clothing. Include her measurements, favorite colors, and desired fit when ordering the outfit to make sure it is tailored to her taste.
  • A fragrance. Fragrances and perfumes can bring up wonderful memories, making them an ideal gift. Ask a specialist to help you choose the right scent to match her style, and it could be a gift she uses for years to come.

Showing Appreciation with Stylish Fashion Gifts


Often, a stylish girlfriend will appreciate the sentiment associated with the gift more than the gift itself. Therefore, it’s important to consider the story behind the present when deciding what to get.

Consider gifting a scarf with a special meaning, such as one with a print of a place she loves. Or perhaps opt for a pair of earrings that have been in her family for years as a way to honor her family heritage.

Gifts don’t always need to be tangible either. Spend an afternoon together taking a styling class to brush up on the latest fashion trends. Then, after class, you can review the day’s lesson over dinner.

Impress Your Girlfriend with Fashionable Gift Ideas

It can be tricky to think of something your fashion-forward girlfriend does not already have – which is why you should think outside the box for stylish gift ideas.

If you really want to make an impression, why not treat her to a luxury experience? For a special occasion, offer her a VIP shopping or styling experience with a renowned fashion designer or retailer. Then, you can attend the fashion show together later in the evening.

You can also surprise your girlfriend with something to wear to an upcoming event. An embellished dress or tailored suit can give her an unforgettable outfit that will turn heads wherever she goes.

Stylish Presents for Every Fashion-Lover

While some fashion-forward girls may have more money than sense, thoughtful gift-giving does not have to cost a fortune. You can still find affordable presents that will delight your girlfriend.

Spoil your fashionable girlfriend with a photographic book featuring iconic photos from the history of fashion. Some books even include original sketches and quotes from legendary designers.

Subscription boxes make great gifts too, as they almost always contain on-trend items. Bespoke boxes can be tailored to your special someone’s interests, as they usually contain items ranging from fashion accessories and beauty products to lifestyle items.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Fashion-Forward Woman

Besides looking good, fashion-forward women care deeply about the environment. Gifts made from eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton and recycled leather, are options for those looking for an ethical present.

Other sustainable gift ideas include shopping second-hand, buying vintage clothing, and opting for fair trade items with responsibly sourced materials.

Alternatively, you could give a gift that gives back – such as a donation to a charity that is important to her. For instance, if your girlfriend is passionate about animal welfare, make donations to an animal rescue center in her name.


Finding the perfect gift for the fashion-forward girl in your life is not difficult, but it can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. Whether it’s a luxury experience, a vintage item or an ethical present, there are plenty of stylish gift ideas out there to suit every fashion-lover. With a bit of thought and a lot of love, you can find the right present to show your appreciation for the stylish girlfriend in your life.

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